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Location Information

Event Location:

If attending Farm Science please specify:

East (main parking)
West (field demo shuttles)

If attending Farm Science Review, will you have proof of disability to present on-site?

Yes   No
Pick-Up Information

Please note that reservation for the 2017 Farm Science Review have closed. You are welcome to check in at the booth on site to inquire about availability. If you do secure a golf cart, Farm Science Review visitors are required to show proof of physical need with one of the following credentials upon arrival:
  • A receipt that an individual is disabled (the paperwork that accompanies the issuance of a disabled hang tag or license plate)
  • a medical excuse from a doctor.
Contact Information
Company Name:

Day Phone:

Please note quantity
2 Passenger

4 Passenger

6 Passenger


Would you like to pre-pay to be guaranteed your choice of vehicle? If so, a customer service representative will contact you for the necessary credit card information. You are always welcome to pay at the time of rental but your style of vehicle will not be guaranteed.

Please note there is a limited availability to pre-paid guarantee reservations.

NOTICE - Reservations must be received by the Friday preceding the event or when it fills up - whichever comes first. A reservation guarantees a vehicle while pre-payment guarantees a particular preference including suntops. Please note that there is a limited number of guarantees available. Confirmation will be emailed within 72 hours of receipt.
Terms and Conditions

Customer agrees to rent the vehicle(s) for the length of time stated above. If customer retains the vehicle(s) after expiration of lease, all terms and conditions of the lease shall remain in effect.

Customer hereby acknowledges that he/she has been instructed and trained in the use and maintenance of the vehicle by GCC and has full knowledge of the operation of the vehicle. Customer represents that he/she is a licensed driver and that the vehicle(s) will be used in a safe and prudent manner, in accordance with all instructions on the equipment.

If GCC equipment is stolen or damaged in any way while in customer?s possession, customer is liable for the full amount of the loss to GCC and customer agrees to pay the entire loss to GCC within 30 days of receipt for loss. Customer agrees to make no alterations to the vehicle(s) and equipment, and agrees to return the vehicle(s) and equipment in the same condition as received. If vehicle or equipment is damaged or in disrepair upon return, regardless of fault, customer agrees to reimburse GCC, within 30 days, for all necessary repairs or replacement. Customer agrees not to sublease or allow others not party to this agreement to operate the vehicle(s) without express written consent of GCC. Customer agrees not to assign this agreement.

GCC retains the right to take possession of any vehicle(s) at any time. Observation of unsafe or inappropriate behavior will be unconditionally the opinion of a GCC employee. No refund of rental fees will be issued by GCC for vehicle(s) repossessed. GCC shall not be liable for any damage or injury to customer or any other person occurring during the term of this agreement, and customer agrees to indemnify and protect GCC and their agents, officers, directors, successors, employees and assigns from any and all liability, loss, damage, injury, claim, demand, penalty, cause of action, costs, expenses, and attorney fees arising from the use and operation of vehicle(s) and equipment.

Please make note of any visible damage to the vehicle(s) and/or equipment upon receipt. Customer will be responsible for all damage to the vehicle(s) and/or equipment while in their possession. Customer is responsible for tires and battery maintenance.

Additional damage fees include, but are not limited to: Removal of stickers, tape, adhesives, paint, $200.00; Tampering with mechanical settings, $500.00; Towing fee, $100.00; Unreturned key, $5.00/key

I agree to the Terms and Conditions
A credit card will be required at the time of rental.
Cash/Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express all accepted.
8899 Memorial Dr. Plain City, OH 43064
614-873-3526 (fax)

National Headquarters
8899 Memorial Drive
Plain City, OH 43064
(Central Ohio & Columbus Area)
Ph: 614.873.1055
Fax: 614.873.3526

Visit us this winter at the following shows:

Jan. 28 - 30, 2016
Feb. 20 - 28, 2016
Feb. 12 - 14, 2016
Congrats to Theresa from Columbus, OH. She won a $100 gift card to Der Dutchman at the Deer and Turkey show with her exact guess of 825 skittle in the jar.
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